Creating a safe workplace for all stakeholders


Relentless Quest to Zero Incidents

Safety is AGI’s top priority. Our goal is that every employee returns home at the end of each day in the exact same working condition in which they arrived at work. Safety is a belief that unites our manufacturing facilities, office locations and job sites across the world.

Safety Policy

AGI has developed a comprehensive Safety Management System (ASMS) that proactively monitors and guides safety performance at the facility level across all AGI locations worldwide. Our safety performance is continuously assessed based on leading and lagging indicators, allowing each facility to work towards improving their own performance goals while ensuring all rules and regulations are met or exceeded. 

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Safety has always been a core value at AGI and policies and procedures are constantly updated to ensure a safer, more secure workplace. The most recent update was distributed to each employee across the globe during the annual safety week. Learn more about our safety policies.


Stop Work Authority

Web_Full_Size_Desktop_BrandCard-Westeel Saskatoon Facility (1).jpgTo encourage an injury-free workplace, employees in our facilities are empowered with the authority to stop work at any time to mitigate or avoid a safety risk.



Safety Week

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Every year, AGI hosts Safety Week events across AGI globally to strengthen our safety culture. Safety week is a show of force, re-energizing our commitment to continuously improve our safety record, and to promote training and best practices. Learn more about AGI Safety Week 2024.

Safety Awards

Our annual Safety Awards acknowledge and reward employees, teams and projects who exemplify a true dedication to workplace safety. Three awards recognize the outstanding efforts made by AGI employees for their role in maintaining a safe work environment. The award categories are:

  • Outstanding Performance
  • Progress in Safety
  • Safety at a Customer Site or Project

View past winners.

Safety-Oriented Culture

By creating safe work conditions, we are building stronger, more supportive environments for our teams. At AGI workplace safety is at the forefront because when safety is prioritized, our employees’ professional and personal lives thrive.