AGI Academy Grain Training 2024

AGI Grain Training 2024
AGI Academy's Grain Training is priced at €2000 per participant which includes the 3 days of classroom and onsite training, accommodation during the sessions, food, and airport and hotel transfers. *Flights and other non-related charges are excluded.
AGI Academy is excited to be hosting another year of Grain Training in Doornkorp Beleggings, Farm Rietfontein, Fochville, South Africa. This 3-day experience will provide you with classroom and on-site training focusing on grain storage and handling operations, instructed by our AGI Grain Experts. With our wide range of topics and comprehensive learning modules, this academy will equip you or your team with the knowledge to better serve your facility, helping with efficiency and safety.  

This year’s dates:    

  • Sept 16-18 for training in Afrikaans
  • Sept 23-25 for training in English

Each training group has a maximum capacity of 14 people to ensure the best learning environment.  

Unlock your potential with Grain Training

By attending this multi-day series, attendees will get educational training on a wide range of topics covering: 

  • Introduction to Grain Grading 
  • Silo Operation 
  • Grain Handling Fundamentals
  • General Storage Practice 
  • Grain Storage & Handling Safety 
  • Aeration & Conditioning 
  • Grain Cleaning & Drying 
  • Housekeeping & Infestations 
  • Assembly & Maintenance 

Soon to launch for Grain Training – Date TBD 

  • Certified AGI Installer training  
  • Certified AGI Maintenance training  

Our grain experts:

Willie Coetzee 

Willie headshot image (1).jpegWith over 20 years of experience in the grain handling and storage industry, Willie has deep insight into the challenges faced by farmers and professionals in this field. Having been with AGI since 2014, he focuses on developing the African market and implementing modern technology systems, offering unique perspectives and knowledge to projects in different countries. Through extensive travel, Willie is well-versed in the latest grain handling and storage products, enabling him to provide turnkey and full-system solutions to clients. 

Thoniel Van der Walt

MicrosoftTeams-image (38).pngThoniel combines his extensive training and development background with expertise in grain handling and storage solutions. As a skilled project manager, he has a track record of successful projects with grain conditioning requirements, bringing proficiency to local and large commercial projects. With exposure to global suppliers and products, Thoniel excels in finding innovative solutions to complex problems. Currently, Thoniel contributes to AGI's project management team in Europe, Middle East and Africa, providing after-sales support to enhance customer experiences. 


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Unlock your potential with Grain Training