Our Commitment and Approach

AGI is committed to sustainable business practices, and we take great pride in our direct and long-standing contributions to global food security and our support for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Our mission statement reflects this commitment: "Advancing storage, handling and processing solutions that strengthen and secure the global food supply chain." Our four sustainability focus areas help to advance this commitment and we place priority on the environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics that matter most to our business and to our stakeholders.

Sustainability Governance

Appropriate oversight and clearly defined roles and responsibilities for ESG topics is critical to the successful implementation of AGI’s sustainability strategy. Our Board of Directors and Leadership team have oversight of our sustainability strategy including key sustainability-related risks and opportunities. The Governance & Sustainability (G&S) Committee of the Board serves as the lead for sustainability and ESG oversight, including reviewing and approving sustainability-related policies and performance. Other Board committees provide support on certain topics where they have specific skills, expertise, and experience that can help steward progress on those areas most effectively. This approach ensures that we are maximizing the skill set of our Board of Directors, promotes visibility across the full Board, and helps position AGI to effectively manage our sustainability program in the years ahead.

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