Responsible Conduct


AGI is committed to best practices for risk management and ensuring robust governance through our organizational structure, processes, and policies in order to achieve sustainable growth and resilience.

Governance, Organizational Effectiveness & Skilling

We are committed to best practices relating to our governance structure, with clearly delineated roles and responsibilities and effective tracking of company-wide metrics relating to business and ESG risks. We currently provide employee skilling opportunities through local on-site programs as well as corporate initiatives such as our partnership with LinkedIn Learning.

Supply Chain Management

Our continuous improvement culture enables us to have measures in place to assess and monitor risks in the supply chain including long term impact of supply chain shortages and logistics, along with remedies. The results are aimed at positive operational impact, improved environmental stewardship, and ethical labor practices.

Data Governance and Security, Legal Risk Management & Ethical Conduct

AGI has a cross-functional data governance committee and provides ongoing cybersecurity awareness training. We strive to empower our workforce with policies and resources to ensure ethical business practices.