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Livestock Feed Limited (LFL) headquartered in Pailles, Mauritius is a leader in animal feed production, storage and transport services throughout the Indian Ocean region. Founded in 1977 by Michel de Speville, the company has grown their presence and service offering to include aquaculture divisions, LFL Riche Terre and unloading and storage of bulk commodities such as maize with their division Agrobulk Ltd. Today, LFL’s operations produce 150,000 MT of feed annually.

LFL’s strong team of nutritionists, process engineers and technicians work together to execute the companies mission to contribute to the sustainable development of the animal feed and aquaculture sector. With their vision to become the feed partner of choice for the Indian Ocean and East Africa region, LFL contacted AGI to partner with on their latest facility in Riche Terre, Mauritius.

In 2018 LFL’s growth required a new facility for their increasing storage requirements for maize. Through previous work with AGI’s food division AGI SABE, LFL was introduced to team members from AGI EMEA to lead the project. AGI EMEA’s engineer and sales team worked with LFL Team to define their facility needs to build a high-performance, automated production plant.

The new facility was completed in February 2021.


Project Details & Equipment

  • 2 FP 24/30 with accessories such as ladders, stairways, level sensors, catwalk, sweeps, aeration system, temperature system, fumigation system,
  • 1CR 5/8 bulk loading silo with ladders, level sensors, and load cells
  • 3 Chain conveyors 200
  • 2 Elevators 550.3018.JA with ductworks, slides, way valves, & intake pit filter
  • Rotary drum pre-cleaner with a hyper-cyclone
  • Control panel with electrical installation material

LFL required their new facility for their increaing storage requirements for maize. With this in mind AGI EMEA included a control cabinet and electrical installation material with a PLC system to go with their storage and handling equipment which includes two flat bottom silos and one truck loading silo providing 16,000 MT storage capacity, chain conveyors and bucket elevators at 200 t/hr capacity and a rotary drum pre-cleaner coupled with a hyper cyclone.

Equipment Spotlight - AGI FRAME, Storage

AGI Hi Roller - Conveyors

With over 30 years of experience in grain storage and handling, AGI FRAME is one of Europe’s largest and most respected manufactures of all types of corrugated steel silos for commercial and agricultural applications. From large grain ports to feed production facilities, AGI FRAME’s team of engineers worked with LFL to identify and construct the right combination of storage equipment for the specific project.

“Our project of setting up maize storage silos complete with all handling equipment was a very challenging one due to the space limitations on our existing plot of land, However, AGI Emea managed to deliver an optimised solution by supplying us with high quality silos at competitive prices and at short lead times in spite of the covid pandemic.”

– Kailash Issur, Engineering Manager, LFL Pailles

AGI FRAME manufactured two flat bottom silos FP 24/30 and one truck loading silo CR 5/8 for LFL Pailles for a combined 16,000 MT storage capacity. The AGI FRAME silo design delivers the necessary strength to withstand Pailles’s strong ocean winds, the galvanized storage silos are built to withstand up to 280 km/h winds.


Equipment Spotlight - AGI PTM, Handling

AGI FRAME - Storage Solutions

AGI PTM’s experience and skilled team of in-house engineers make for the right partner. AGI PTM delivers solutions across a range of applications and industries including; storage and mechanization of port installations to serving industry grain traders, millers, feed-mills, pelletizers, bio-fuel processing plants, engineering companies and contractors around the world.

AGI PTM delivered LFL Pailles’ handling equipment including chain conveyors, elevators, slides & valves, with the necessary ductworks and shock absorbers.

Services and Expertise

AGI EMEA’s team of sales, engineers and technical department worked together to deliver the best possible outcome for LFL Pailles. The AGI EMEA team provided start to finish support for LFL, by first identifying LFL’s business and facility requirements. The next step was for the engineers to review the location before designing the layout for the facility. A key step to this process was considering the climate and environment, recognizing Mauritius’ strong ocean winds, AGI EMEA provided a silo designed to withstand 280 km/h winds.

Communication and project management were key to the success of the LFL Pailles facility. The AGI EMEA team provided full-time supervision for the project, ensuring an efficient delivery schedule and timelines through commissioning were kept on track.

LFL Pailles Project Team Members:

LFL Pailles: Rocky Forget, Kailash Issur, Alexandre Mazery, Alain Leste

AGI EMEA: Cristiano Carpin, Fracnesco Selva, Silvia Capra, Luca Antolini, Bruno Bordini, Paola Fini, Fabio Zanini, Andrea Fumian, Patrice Perraud, Tony Chahoud