Evrovneshtorg, Mykolayiv, Ukraine. Evrovneshtorg, Mykolayiv, Ukraine.

AGI EMEA Installations | EVT

In 2018, Evrovneshtorg (EVT) opened a new grain port terminal in Mykolayiv, Ukraine. Utilizing their business experience in supermarkets and the food industry EVT expanded their portfolio to include grain processing. This diversification has connected their experience in delivering goods direct to consumers to now include the transport of grains from the top of the food supply. Bordering the Black Sea, the terminal serves as a strategic terminal for Ukraine’s grain trade, connecting the regions main traffic and rail routes to the port. Moving important commodities such as maize and cereals, the terminal saw over 1.5 million mt. of cargo in 2019.

With growing traffic and high demand the terminal has expanded its facility, in March 2020, EVT contracted AGI to supply 20 grain silos with a combined capacity of 124,725 mt. The completed port facility will have an overall storage capacity of 270,000 mt. and will serve as an integral facility for the region.

Project Details & Equipment

Understanding the importance of food handling, EVT wanted their commodities moved gently and efficiently. With that in mind, AGI introduced EVT to the benefits of enclosed belt conveyors. AGI Hi Roller technology delivers higher capacities and ensures a gentle handling of grain. AGI Hi Roller installed nine conveyors for EVT, used both for filling and reclaiming grain. The 925 meters of conveyors operate at 1,000 mt/hour. Additionally, AGI provided EVT with bin sweeps each with a capacity off 270 mt/h from their AGI Hutchinson division.

Equipment Spotlight - AGI Hi Roller, Conveyors

AGI Hi Roller - Conveyors

With over 40 years of experience, AGI Hi Roller is the leader in design and manufacturing of enclosed belts. Today AGI Hi Roller has over 10,000 conveyors installed in port facilities and grain terminals around the world. What makes AGI Hi Roller the industry leader in enclosed belt technology is their self-reloading tail section. All dust, debris or in some cases spilled product, is returned to the tail section by the returning belt and then diverted by a V-Plow installed within. The product is deflected to the rotating reloading flippers located at the outer ends of the tail pulley. Additional design features include

  • No internal brackets or ledges where excess build-up can occur
  • The bearings are isolated from the internal atmosphere of the conveyor, removed from potentially explosive grain dust
  • A UHMW plastic spacer block and nylon seal separate the bearing from the sidewall to insulate any transfer of heat from an overheated bearing to the interior enclosure.
  • Ceramic lining for skirted inlets
  • AGI Hi Roller uses ½ inch return liner
  • The hinged tail cover permits easy access to the reloading tail pulley for inspection and maintenance.
  • Standard telescoping take-up section with inner and outer take-up boxes are equipped with Acme threaded tensioning and leveling rods to tension the belt and square, and level the take-up box section.

Equipment Spotlight - AGI FRAME, Storage

With over 30 years of experience in grain storage and handling, AGI FRAME is one of Europe’s largest and most respected manufactures of all types of corrugated steel silos for commercial and agricultural applications. AGI FRAME team of engineers and project managers work with you to deliver the right combination of equipment specific for your project needs. AGI FRAME delivered strength and durability for EVT with 600 gr/m2 galvanization storage silos. This heavyduty application provides over 50 filling and emptying cycles a year. AGI FRAME’s silo construction is built to withstand the harshest elements and Ukraine’s varied seasonal conditions.

Services and Expertise

Through strong communication and effective project management AGI delivered all equipment and components on time, ensuring no delays were added to the construction timeline. AGI is committed to providing quality service from the initial design through to the completed commissioning date. AGI is proud to have been a key supplier to EVT’s port facility in Mykolayiv, Ukraine.