AGI Delivers World Class Facility for COMVEX

COMVEX, the largest bulk raw material handling terminal in the Black Sea was established in 1991. Expanding their operation, the Romanian port operator was granted a €33.6 million loan to build a new grain terminal at the strategic location at the Port of Constanta. With conceptualization starting in 2014, the grain terminal is now nearing completion and worth about €50 million.

COMVEX has established itself as a leading specialist in handling, storing and transshipment of dry bulk minerals, largely by applying a modern, approach to equipment supply. To create a world-class grain terminal, COMVEX partnered with AGI to supply their full-system solutions including storage, handling, processing, engineering and project management. As its leading partner, AGI expertly helped COMVEX analyze and prioritize every component to ensure CapEx is allocated with total cost of ownership (TCO) analytics.

Port facilities rely heavily on speed to reduce costly loading and unloading times, with this in mind COMVEX approached AGI with the objective to have the fastest pump in the port. By answering the COMVEX business plan, the Constanta grain terminal delivers on speed as a key differentiator, saving traders and customers time and money.

Installation Overview


With the COMVEX pier as the first stop traders encounter when they enter the Port of Constanta, it is crucial for COMVEX to be ready to receive and assist an influx of traders at any moment. By utilizing AGI’s services and equipment, vessels will avoid wasting significant time sitting idly by.

AGI continues to grow its global presence as a unified brand name, through their strategy of offering full system solutions across seven components. These seven components, storage, structures, handling, controls, processing, engineering and project management came together seamlessly for this world-class port terminal in Constanta. Through a combination of divisions and manufacturing facilities AGI was able to deliver the full-system solution and was able to save planning and expensive project management time as the single supplier.

Project Details: Challenges

The site consists of silos through AGI FRAME, bucket elevators from AGI Union Iron and AGI PTM, chain conveyors from AGI Tramco and AGI PTM, sweep augers from AGI Hutchinson and enclosed belt conveyors from AGI Hi Roller. AGI has implemented all of the engineering, project management and site supervision necessary to serve COMVEX efficiently and earn their loyalty. AGI Technical Support has also provided full-time supervision to ensure the highest standard of construction conformity. In terms of safety, AGI worked closely with COMVEX to create maintenance and operational protocols, establishing the highest levels of reliability and security for the grain terminal.

Project Details: Solution


These efforts have been highly impactful in shaping COMVEX’s reputation, which is crucial for the company’s bottom line. Additional AGI services were implemented to help COMVEX reach its goals. These include:

  • Intake capacity for truck and barge at 600 MTH by AGI PTM
  • Drying and cleaning capacity at 200 MTH
  • 200,000 MT of bulk storage supplied by AGI FRAME
  • Galleries and structural support towers from AGI FRAME
  • High Precision Weighing for all intake and outload lines
  • All spouting and connections are custom engineered from AGI PTM
  • All loading conveyors over the silos are supplied with stationary trippers, the reclaim enclosed belt conveyors in tunnels are dust free, self-cleaning and reloading are by AGI Hi Roller
  • Two independent lines rated at 1500 MTH out load capacity, for a combined out-load at 3000 MTH, all outload bucket elevators are from AGI Union Iron.

AGI is proud of its partnership with COMVEX and believes in enabling every client to determine their path as they envision it. AGI’s complete service and product catalog that is trusted globally has made AGI a world leader in grain handling. Building a successful port facility requires an emphasis on efficient products, advanced technology, insightful data, and prime safety practices and features. If you are aiming to build a port facility, get in touch with AGI for more information!

Project Details