Basma Rice Mill Limited Basma Rice Mill Limited


Rice is a key commodity in Nigeria, each year the country produces more than 3 million tons of the grain. However, their demand for rice is more than double their production at approximately 7 million tons. This gap makes rice milling a viable opportunity with long term benefits.

Basma Rice Mill, located in Kano State, Nigeria, saw this opportunity and started to explore their options in rice milling. As demand for rice has increased in the region, so too has rice milling, quickly making Kano State the rice hub in not only Nigeria, but all West Africa as well. Between 2015 to 2020, approximately 230 rice mills have emerged, and existing mills have upgraded and increased their processing capacities.

As Basma Rice Mill was already importing textiles from India, they decided to opt for an Indian manufacturer. AGI Milltec hosted Basma and provided their team with a tour of the facilities, showcasing AGI’s expertise in rice milling equipment, and thus landing a partnership with Basma Rice Mill to supply a 6 ton/hour capacity parboiled rice mill solution, including all conveying elements, bins, controls, automation and installation for the entire plant.

Project Details and Equipment

  • 5 Tons per Hour Husk Fired Steam Boiler
  • Pre-Cleaner
  • Parboiling Plant with Dryer 2x32 Tons
  • Complete 6 Tons Per Hour Milling Equipment including Conveying Elements
  • All Spouting, Ducting, Bins and Controls
  • Colour Sorter
  • Automation and Packing

Basma Rice Mill required a complete end-to-end parboiled rice mill solution with a 6 ton/hour capacity. AGI Milltec determined that a turnkey solution would best meet the customer’s needs. All the equipment was manufactured in Bengaluru, India and shipped to the project site in Kano, Nigeria. Even in the midst of the pandemic, our installation team travelled from India to Nigeria and executed the project, taking all necessary safety precautions and ensuring proper installation.

Equipment Highlight


AGI Milltec’s complete rice milling solutions is entirely automated, making it one of the most proficient options to increase rice yield, improve productivity, enhance profitability and meet the demands of modern millers. Our rice processing solutions minimize waste, reduce manpower and maintain hygienic food standards. AGI Milltec offers customized project solutions from the concept stage to the production stage, keeping the costs at a minimum and assuring on-time delivery. AGI Milltec designs, manufactures and supplies a complete range of rice milling machines to meet rice processing requirements, including cleaning, husking, whitening, polishing, grading, sorting and packaging machines.

AGI MILLTEC Parboiling Solution Features:

  • A new concept of preheating paddy which enhances water absorption and reduces soaking time
  • Complete stainless steel (SS 202) construction ensures hygiene and sustainability
  • Automatic controls for special discharge roller arrangement ensures top-down delivery
  • Customized designs to suit many varieties of paddy
  • Can be supplied along with boilers to avoid mismatch of steam requirements
  • The constant temperature of the water is maintained by re-circulating water at regular intervals during the soaking process
  • Optimally sized soaking tanks are used to reduce space
  • Increased efficiency of the dryer ensuring higher productivity

Services and Expertise

AGI Milltec is the preferred global company for all grain processing solutions. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, innovative R&D team, quick delivery and excellent after-sales service has helped us become a leading player in the rice milling industry. AGI Milltec’s expertise includes 20 years of experience in both the domestic and international rice processing industry. To highlight, AGI Milltec has expanded its presence within India where we have installed over 13,000 mills from the outset. AGI Milltec provides turnkey solutions from the planning stage to implementation stage and after for the modern rice milling process. Our turnkey projects start from 2 TPH to 20 TPH for automated mills and we support clients in engineering, assembly, supervision and commissioning. We believe in increasing the profitability of milling plants by providing higher yields and reducing manpower and in-process waste.

Turnkey projects for rice processing requires coordination with multiple vendors and qualified engineers to meet the prolonged timelines, resulting in varying costs. AGI Milltec offers the turnkey solution with fixed costs and fixed timelines. Our dedicated team of highly qualified engineers offer one point of contact for hassle-free execution of the entire project.

Project Management Process

  • Recommendation of suitable machinery and accessories
  • Process flow and plan layout
  • Supply of machinery, accessories and other required material
  • Coordination with suppliers & contractors
  • Installation of plant and machinery
  • Total engineering support and monitoring of the project progress
  • Trial run & commissioning of the plant with committed results
  • Training and development of operating staff

Team Members

  • Sunil Kumar KP
  • Athmaram P
  • Satyanarayana Singh
  • Madhusudhan GS
  • Rajesh Khanna
  • Baskar T
  • Akshay Kumar
  • Gopinath
  • Ravinder Kumar Paswan
“Basma Rice Mill, a leading rice mill in Kano Region, chose AGI Milltec following a deep evaluation among many rice miller manufacturers and we were impressed by AGI Milltec’s manufacturing facilities and professional approach. That said, we are very satisfied with the plant which has been commissioned in record time and with its performance. Moreover, the rice quality turned out to be the best in Kano Region. Thanks AGI Milltec!”