AGI Brazil hosts Live-to-Farm reality show co-stars, Kevin and Shawn Kalb family

You never know when a family member will end up on your doorstep for a spur-of-the-moment visit. 

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(pictured - AGI’s Francisco Prado shows our friends from Live2Farm around the facility in Cândido Mota)

That was the case this April when AGI Marketing discovered that Live to Farm friends – the film crew and one of the Indiana farmer co-hosts Kevin and Shawn Kalb of Dubois, IN (plus two of their children, Emmerson and Kogen) were heading to Brazil to visit agribusinesses and farms near AGI’s facility in Cândido Mota, Brazil. 

Entering its third season, Live to Farm is a Discovery Channel (and RFD-TV) reality show hosted by the farming families of Kevin Kalb, Brooks Cardinal and Brandon Cardinal. Its goal is to educate consumers about the daily challenges and joys of growing feed, food and fiber. Based in southern Indiana, the Kalb family produce corn, soybeans and turkeys. 

AGI family jumped into quick action to extend hospitality to the Kevin Kalb family, who are well-known across the United States for their high grain yields and crop production practices. The AGI Brazil team –led by Francisco Prado, Vice President; Franklin Oliveira, Sales Manager and Willian Brum, Marketing; – conducted a plant tour and arranged a farm visit to Agrocereais, a grain handling operation owned by seven farm families who cooperatively store, manage and market their commodities. 

According to Jared Palick, Live to Farm producer, touring AGI Brazil’s state-of-the-art operation was an unforgettable highlight of the Brazil visit. “We really enjoyed meeting Willian and Francisco’s team. It was added-value to visit with the farm families at Agrocereais. Kevin is considered one of the top U.S. grain farmers. His family has been farming for over 5 generations. So, those farmer-to-farmer conversations are always highly valued.” 

Kudos go to AGI Brazil. “On behalf of AGI Marketing, a huge shout out of appreciation goes to our AGI Brazil team. We know they are absolutely focused on quality manufacturing. Hosting a farmer and film crew tour is a big ask. Many thanks to them for their expertise, hospitality and generosity,” says David Postill, SVP, AGI Global Marketing. 

The tour of AGI Brazil will be featured in a Season 3 episode of Live to Farm. Season 3 opens this fall. 

Live to Farm at the AGI Brasil facility.png(l-r) Live To Farm Producer Jared Palick with AGI Brazil’s Adriano Correa and Vinicius Oliveira. (Photo provided by AGI. 

IMG_1884.JPEG(l-r) Emmersen Kalb, Vinicius Oliveira, Pollyanna Bianchi, Kogen Kalb, Kevin Kalb, Shawn Kalb, Sidnei Nespolo de Andrade , Silvano Fabri, Centirlei Nespolo de Andrade, Francisco Prado,Luana Grejo, Willian Brum (Photo provided by Live to Farm)