A valve positioned in the material trajectory diverts material around the sides of the conveyor trunking and down into the tripper discharge hopper. Using a linear actuator to pivot the tripper valve, the conveyed material can be reintroduced back on to the conveyor belt so that it can continue on to the next discharge location.

Available Features (Many of which come standard on all Trippers):

  • Electric actuator with DPDT limit switches prewired to a common junction box
  • External limit switches for positive valve positioning
  • Manual lever operation in case of actuator or electrical issues
  • Urethane, ceramic, or other wear liners
  • Tripper pulleys and bearings are designed to be easily removed without cutting conveyor belt
  • All tripper bearings and electrical components are mounted externally
  • Numerous inspection doors to view belt alignment and tripper adjustment
  • Optional fines carry-over valve in final discharge
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