Storage Accessories

A wide range of easy to use storage and bin accessories to customize your operations.

A heavy-duty, hinged, single-ring sidewall door. The reinforced inner door swings out of the way easily when open. The sturdy welded frame is hot-dipped galvanized after manufacture.
FRAME FP complementary silo accessories include chain operated gravity side wall discharge outlets, snow barriers, and grain ladders to reduce the risk of product getting stuck during central gravity discharge.
One of the widest ranges of vertical and roof access ladders with a variety safety platforms, catwalks, support towers, and more to suit the complete range FRAME FP & FC silos.
Smart level sensor systems designed to handle every kind of condition. Suitable for maximum and minimum level product detection, level sensors can be installed in both flat bottom silos and hopper silos.
Designed and calculated for FRAME silos, complete with chain and hook that supports up to 5 Tons each, up to specific products such as screwdrivers with torque control and reinforced bolts.