Special Silo Erection Tools

A-Frame Image

AGI FRAME manufactures a large selection of special erection tools, designed for easy, on-site installation.

Our expert supervisors will organize and manage on-site erection and monitor progress.


  • Designed for FRAME silos
  • Each A-Frame lifting equipment is calculated based on the FRAME silo
  • Easy assembly
  • Bear load in a lightweight economical manner
  • Chain and hook that supports up to 5 tons each

Complete Lifting Kit

  • Electric Wrench
  • V-groove impact mechanism with low recoil torque and long lifetime
  • Forward/reverse rotation for tightening and loosening
  • Torsion bars (special accessory) guarantee adherence to desired torque
  • Easy-to-change tools 50/60 Hz & 110/220 V

Manual Chain Blocks

  • Designed for heavy duty lifting and materials handling operations
  • Raise and lower loads by pulling on the hand chain
  • Can be of single or double fall configurations depending on the capacity of the block

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