Complementary Silo Accessories


Gravity Sidewall Discharge

Chain operated gravity side wall discharge outlets provide direct loading into trucks together with the necessary additional reinforcing rings. Access platforms and ladders can be supplied to suit most models of FP Silos at an additional cost.

Snow Barriers

Snow barriers specially designed to protect the structural integrity of the silo from severe damage from falling snow, withstanding wind, and other severe weather conditions are manufactured from perforated, profiled galvanised steel that fit in at the eaves of the silo.

Grain Ladders

AGI FRAME grain ladders can be mounted against the sidewall or in the centre to reduce the risk of damage to soya beans and other similar cereals when loading the silo, as well as prevent cracks forming on the silo botto caused by the impact of incoming grain by reducing the rappidity and distances of grain free fall.

Grain ladder advantages and specifications :

  • Reduce risk of product being stuck during central gravity discharge
  • Improvement of silo aeration
  • Bolted securely to the silo
  • Capacity ranging from 50 to 100 t/h for a single chute
  • Completely self supporting system (Grain ladders can be mounted any time after silo erection without needs of additional reinforcements to silo constitution or silo roof)
  • Available in both bolted or welded version

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