Silo Level Sensors

Capacitive Level Sensor Image
Capacitive Level Sensor

AGI FRAME's smart level sensor systems are designed to handle all conditions. Suitable for maximum and minimum level product detection, they can be installed in both flat bottom silos and hopper silos in preventing silo overflow or emptying.


Capacitive Level Sensor

  • Provides a mechanical scoop installed in the area adjacent to the eaves (for the HIGH level sensor) and in the area above the sweep auger (for the LOW level sensor).
  • Once the silo reaches maximum capacity, our smart sensor releases an electronic alarm signal to the PLC, as well as during emptying.
  • Inexpensive, easy to install, simple to use, easy to clean, requiring minimal maintenance, the capacitive level sensor is suitable for any size of silo, housing a wide range of cereals.


Rotary Sensor Level

  • Designed to detect high, middle and low levels of a wide range of cereals inside both flat bottom silos and hopper silos with the use of a rotating paddle.
  • When the silo is at capacity the material interrupts the rotation of the paddle, the motor topples on its axis and triggers an alarm signalling to stop the loading (or start loading if the silo is empty). When the product level returns to normal, the motor returns to its initial position.
  • The rotary level sensor is easy to install, cost-effective and suitable for any solids. This product provides reliable point level detection and measurement.

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