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Egyptian Swiss Company SAE was founded in 1995, and has since grown to be a leader in the high-quality flour trade. Since establishing their first flour mill in 2003 in 10th of Ramadan, Cairo, Egypt, Egyptian Swiss Group has expanded their operations to include: Egyptian Swiss for Milling, Egyptian Swiss for Pasta, and Egyptian Swiss for Concentrates and Grain processing. Today, Egyptian Swiss Company SAE is globally recognized, and their products are exported across the Middle East and Africa.

From its inception, Egyptian Swiss has been heavily focused on vertical integration, and over time the company has invested in technology and manufacturing facilities in Egypt to aid them in delivering the highest quality and optimal nutrition in all of their products. As part of this effort, Egyptian Swiss Company began seeking a supplier to help develop a turnkey facility for the storage and handling of grains. From here, the wheat would move through the company’s milling facilities to be processed into leading consumer products such as Zeina pasta.


Project Details and Equipment

Avoiding costly downtime was a key goal for Egyptian Swiss. The company needed to find a solution provider that could deliver durable, long-lasting equipment for their new storage facility, with a minimum of maintenance. The AGI team from the EMEA headquarters in Bologna, Italy worked to provide the right combination of silos and handling equipment, delivering a new turnkey production plant to facilitate their wheat storage.

To meet capacity needs, AGI delivered 12 flat-bottom silos and 1 bulk loading silo to the plant’s Cairo location, for a total storage capacity of 42,000 tons. In addition, AGI supplied handling equipment including a chain conveyor and bucket elevator with a loading and unloading capacity of 150t/h, as well as electrical, pre-cleaning and weighing equipment.

  • 12 Flat Bottom Silos mod 17/25
  • 1 CR Bulk Loading Silo mod. 5/8
  • Chain Conveyor
  • Bucket Elevator

Equipment Spotlight: Handling Solutions, AGI PTM

AGI offers a broad range of engineering services, each designed to help maximize the reliability, efficiency, durability and flexibility of the handling solutions the company provides. AGI’s experts studied Egyptian Swiss’ requirements so that they could engineer a solution tailored precisely to the company’s needs. AGI’s standard engineering services include: configuration drawings of every piece of equipment, technical data required to integrate AGI PTM’s equipment on storage plants, and comprehensive documentation with drawings and manuals on the handling equipment’s assembly, operation and maintenance.

Taking into account such factors such as the commodity, capacity and operational time, AGI concluded that their M-Line chain conveyors would be able to reach the speeds needed for efficient operations.

The conveyors provided consisted of drop-forged chains (C45) with a break load of 150,000 N, equipped with plastic flights and bottom lining PE-UHMW type 1000, with a thickness of 8mm. AGI’s M-Line conveyors and bucket elevators are built to last, featuring hot-dipped galvanization to ensure consistent performance with no downtime.

“AGI worked closely with us to develop the most efficient possible combination of equipment to meet our needs. Partnering with one of the best grain handling and storage companies in the world, has made it possible for us to be our best as a company, as well.” - Eliya Lawendy, Vice President, Egyptian Swiss Group


Services and Expertise

Egyptian Swiss Company chose AGI for one simple reason: trust. The relationship began when Egyptian Swiss Vice President Eliya Lawendy visited AGI’s manufacturing facilities in Este, Italy. Here, he was able to see firsthand the thickness of the lining and the strength of the chain that AGI offers. AGI’s Este facility produces a range of bucket elevators, chain conveyors and belt conveyors, with handling capacities ranging from 20 to 2,000 t/h. This state-of-the-art plant features laser cutting and press break machines, as well as an automatic lathe cell and milling machine station which manages the majority of the components for mechanical handing. With this equipment at its disposal, AGI was able to deliver a complete storage solution to Egyptian Swiss Company, at a competitive price. In short: a win-win for the company, and its customers.

Team Members

  • Cristiano Carpin – Senior Vice President, EIA – EMEA, India, APAC
  • Tony Chahoud – EMEA Sales Manager
  • Silvia Capra – System Design Manager
  • Paola Fini – Stream Value Manager
  • Luca Antolini – Head of Project Management
  • Bruno Bordini – Logistics Manager
  • Andrea Fumian – Application Lead Engineering
  • Alberto Menesello – System Designer
  • Fabio Zanini – Purchasing Manager & MH Quoting coordinator

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