Suitable for either farm or large commercial grain installations, AGI FRAME has a wide range of galvanized catwalks, support frames, ladders, and a wide range of catwalk accessories.

Designed and manufactured to ensure the widest range of applications utilizing standard components wherever possible, FRAME's engineers optimize every catwalk to the specific application in order to provide the most cost-effective, easy bolted assembly, and correctly engineered solutions.

For example, factors to be considered include: varying weights, dimensions and positions of the drive stations fitted to the chain conveyors loading the silos.
Designs accommodate the smallest of machines with bigger conveyors up to 1500t/h for both chain and belt conveyor are available.

Catwalk Supports

Wherever possible, FRAME utilizes catwalk support frames rather than independent towers, thereby reducing civil and installation costs.

Catwalk supports, also known as goal posts, have omega or C-shaped galvanized frames, designed to support any type of catwalk or conveyor, ensuring the widest range of applications. We utilize standard components wherever possible.

While double goal posts are required where the connection is located on two silos, it is possible to use a single goal post, when the connection is located on one silo. When possible, a rafter can be added to a single goal post to be cost-effective. Custom designs make it possible to meet individual project requirements.

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