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Headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, FeedCo Investment’s website summarizes the company’s history as “four decades of contribution to the sustainability of food security” – and industry experts would agree that since its inception in 1983, FeedCo has certainly lived up to that claim. The focus of FeedCo’s operations is on bolstering food security, through the development of feed milling solutions that underpin the entire livestock, poultry, and feed production sectors.

To meet the growing demand for these solutions, and in particular the increased demand for grain across the Saudi market, early in 2020 FeedCo began considering the addition of a new large-scale grain storage and handling facility at their Dammam, Saudi Arabia location, to come onstream in 2021. The timeline was short, and expectations were high. FeedCo needed a partner that could help them achieve their goal, quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.


Project Details and Equipment

To meet FeedCo’s requirements, AGI’s plan included 10 flat bottom silos and 4 bulk loading silos, for a total storage capacity of 77,500 tons. Along with the storage solutions, AGI supplied handling equipment such as chain conveyors with loading and unloading capacities of 400 t/h and 200 t/h, a bucket elevator and flight conveyor, as well as electrical, pre-cleaning, weighing, packaging and fumigation equipment.

  • 10 Flat Bottom Silos mod. 25/25
  • 3 CR 5/8 Bulk loading silos (to fill trucks by bulk)
  • 1 CR 5/8 Bulk loading silo (to fill bagging line unit)
  • Chain Conveyors
  • Bucket Elevators
  • Flight Conveyors

In the end, the project was completed on schedule, with a total installation time of only four months. As proof of the success of the project, a second contract was confirmed with FeedCo for a 25,000 ton silo install at the company’s new site in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, with the entire plant already completed as of August 2023.


Equipment spotlight

Storage Solutions, AGI FRAME

For over 30 years, AGI has been supplying silos to customers around the world, with AGI FRAME being the preferred supplier to many of Europe’s largest grain processors and terminals.

After a careful review of FeedCo’s requirements, AGI’s project team concluded that AGI FRAME FP flat bottom silos, two variations of CR bulk loading silos and related accessories would be the best mix of equipment to both ensure sufficient capacity and maximize efficiency. AGI FRAME’s silos were chosen for their durability and longevity featuring Z600 (G210) galvanized steel and Magnelis (ZM310) coated roofs for protection. It was important to FeedCo to know that all AGI storage components are manufactured using highly automated techniques, to ensure low tolerances and high performance. And that each is tested to ensure consistent performance under a range of environmental conditions including seismic forces, winds, sand, and snow.

Additional considerations included meeting FeedCo’s requirements for a fast grain unloading process, as well as dealing with a high-water table in the foundation. To do so, AGI delivered a loading capacity of 400 t/h, working simultaneously with two parallel lines of 200 t/h to fill the AGI FRAME silos, thus minimizing the need for excavation.


FeedCo’s management places great trust in the quality of AGI products. AGI’s innovative products align perfectly with our vision to automate all operations in our facilities. We have been satisfied with AGI’s cutting-edge solutions, coupled with their responsive and professional team, which has been instrumental in the success of our projects.” - Ibrahim Alibrahim - CEO, FeedCo Investment Company

Team Members

  • Cristiano Carpin – Senior Vice President, EIA - EMEA, India, APAC
  • Rami Nissan – Area Sales Manager, North Africa & Middle East
  • Abbas Mohammed Ibrahim – Business Developer, Middle East & Africa
  • Alberto Menesello – System Design Engineer, AGI PTM
  • Rebecca Fiorentini – System Design Engineer, AGI FRAME
  • Luca Antolini – Head of Project Management
  • Bruno Bordini – Logistic Manager
  • Paola Fini – Value Stream Manager
  • Roberto Andruccioli – Purchasing Manager
  • Fabio Zanini – Purchasing Manager & Material Handling Quoting Coordinator

To learn more, contact us at emea@aggrowth.com