The package includes:

  • Two revolutions of abrasion resistant (AR) flight at the center well on the unload flight

  • One revolution of AR flight at the discharge end of the unload flight

  • ¼ ” flight on under-bin augers

  • 3/8” flight on horizontal power heads

  • ¼” and AR sectional flight on sweeps

  • ¼” and Ar sectional flight on verticals

  • ¼” and AR sectional flight on 25° unload systems and VAAC

In 25° and variable angle unload systems, a separate flighted U-joint collar is used in the transition. The flighted U-joint collar pulls grain through the transition, resulting in:

  • Improved capacity
  • Extended lift of the unload flight
  • Extended lift of the U-joint
  • Extended lift of the incline flight
  • Serviceable and replaceable
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