By using our exclusive Variable Section Stiffener (VSS) to achieve the maximum load possible out of each pound of steel, they provide the additional strength you need without the extra expense of having to use a heavier gauge.

Our attention to detail continues to the roofs of our stiffened grain bins, which are up to 63% stronger than conventional designs. They also feature fewer panels and pre-punched vent openings for easier assembly. Plus, AGI Westeel Stiffened Grain Bins can also be used as a hopper bin when paired with a hopper cone.

Available Options
  • Foundation shim tape
  • Auger door
  • Catwalks support upgrades
  • Circular stairs
  • Roof inspection hatch reinforcing kit
  • Safety cages
  • Sealform foundation system
  • Easyflow™ U-Trough or Tube Unload System
  • Roof rings (21’ to 48’)



Stiffened specs 1.pngStiffened specs 2.pngStiffened specs 3.png

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