Pnuematic Sheller


The AGI MILLTEC Pneumatic Sheller easily removes husks from paddy grains. The input grain is passed between two counter-revolving rollers, which results in the removal of the husk from the grain at 95% accuracy. Automatic systems control the pressure exerted by the rollers, as well as the correct feed rate for the input grain. 

The use of pneumatic controls reduces damage during the hulling process. The use of an inter-cooling system extends the lifespan of the rubber rollers. 


  • Infinite adjustment of the degree of shelling by adjusting compressed air pressure
  • Sensor-enabled panel disengages the rubber rollers automatically when input product flow stops
  • Feed rate can be controlled electronically
  • An inbuilt cooling system dissipates heat generated on rubber rollers
  • Auto/manual mode 

Technical Description

MILLTEC Pneumatic Sheller Technical Description.png

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