PTM Ventilation Components


Constructed from pre-galvanized steel, PTM’s Aeration System components include a range of ventilation solutions for:

  • Vertical silos (steel or concrete)
  • Horizontal level storage
  • Foundation air distribution/ventilation
  • Floor air distribution/ventilation


Products lines:

Self-locking panels - Type LM 124 (for vertical silos with air distribution channels in the foundation)

Self-locking panels - Type LM 74 (for trucks or flat storage facilities with air distribution channels in the foundation)

Ventilation ducts - Type CM 160 (for silos and storage facilities with already existing pavements)


Specially designed to ensure:

  • Sufficient sections of air transit to get the right flux speed with big volumes of blown air
  • Optimal air passage, while preventing the product passage through the air transition holes
  • Ease of assembly and disassembly, while cleaning channels and storage compartments
  • High resistance to vertical loads (for ventilation systems both in flat storage, where proper circulation of vehicles and mechanical diggers is essential, and in large vertical silos)