Storage Plant


Applications in storage facilities for grains and oilseeds, in vertical silos or flat warehouses usually require the equipment with medium to high flow rates (typically not less than 60-100 ton/h), with surface treatments suited to outdoor installation (usually galvanization).

Chain conveyors and bucket elevators

TCA series chain conveyors and ELA series bucket elevators are suitable for plants that do not have particularly heavy cycles

TCM series chain conveyors and ETM series bucket elevators are designed to operate nonstop


  • Dust proof and waterproof
  • Durable, quick and easy installation, easy and safe operator maintenance
  • Capacity up to 200 ton/h (of grain)
  • Available either in pre-galvanized steel sheets or hot-dip galvanized steel sheets
  • Note: only hot-dip galvanized machinery can handle flow rates higher than 200 ton/h
    For belt conveyors and coupling elements, the only surface treatment available is the hot-dip galvanization.

Range of capacities:

  • Up to 800 ton/h (of grain) for chain conveyors
  • Up to 1200 ton/h for bucket elevators and belt conveyors

Additional products:

Processing Plant


Plant Types:

  • Mills for wheat or maize
  • Animal feed production
  • Breweries
  • Oil extraction

Equipment requirements:

  • Smaller capacities (less than 200 ton/h)
  • Heavy duty cycles
  • Special surface treatments (especially if used on products for human food)
  • Dust proof (to avoid sanitation problems in installation areas)
  • Reliable and easy to maintain
  • Equipped with safety devices for operators


Standard accessories:

Specialized accessories (by request):

  • Product dosing
  • Suction system connections
  • Remote controls
  • Configurations for raw materials, by-products, and end products



Plants for bio-fuel production require:

  • Transport systems with high capacity for the receipt
  • Storage of the raw material and machines with lower capacity for the subsequent processing steps
  • Durable and reliable machinery, suited for heavy working cycles
  • Ability to contain impurities and protect against abrasiveness
  • On-board security, control and prevention systems
  • Conformity to European standards and regulations concerning risk of explosion (ATEX)


Other Features:

  • Minimal maintenance required
  • A complete set of accessories for the loading and unloading of the product, for the operation control and for the interface with possible monitoring systems for the removal of explosive events
  • Note: the ETM elevator series reduces high overpressures, ensuring the possibility of explosive events inside the machinery, for most of the products used in these industrial areas (cereals and oilseeds). Our wide range of connecting elements or FTM filters for intake pits are useful in this area.

Large Plants


Large plants are considered to be those where large quantities of product are processed ex. port facilities, large storage facilities.


  • Machinery with very high hourly flow rates (higher than 300 tons/h)
  • Durability and reliability to prevent any break-downs resulting in negative economic impact
  • Customization – considering the plant could be responsible for several kinds of differing products (ex. grain, flour, pellets)


Other Features:

  • A complete set of fittings for the loading and unloading of the product and the control of the operation
  • Interface systems between the loading and unloading towers, to the continuous weighing systems and to the protection systems for outdoor installation of belt conveyors
  • Connecting elements and product sampling systems