AGI Grain Training Facility


In 2022 AGI is launching a Grain Training Facility in South Africa. This training facility will host a series of educational events focusing on grain storage and handling operations and safety. By attending the training series, attendees will learn through hands on demonstrations and boardroom presentations.

Located at Doornkorp Bellegings, Farm Rietfontein, Fochville, South Africa. AGI will be conducting a multi-day series, covering a range of topics including:

  • Introduction to Grain Grading
  • Silo Operation
  • Grain handling fundamentals and general storage practice.
  • Grain Storage and Handling Safety
  • Aeration and conditioning
  • Grain Cleaning & Drying
  • Housekeeping and infestations
  • Assembly & Maintenance

Interested in attending or if you want to learn more, complete the form below and our team will be in contact.