ELA 470 Bucket Elevator


General Features:

  • Constructed of pre-galvanized sheet steel, with minimal welding
  • Modular, preconfigured construction
  • Customization is not available
  • Legs are formed by four bent and bolted panels, making them solid and highly resistant to overpressure
  • Driving head has double cover, with anti-wearing steel bolted plates
  • Return tail is equipped with a screw tension belt system and double cleaning doors
  • Loading, unloading, and control accessories are available
  • Reliable, easy-to-install, easy maintenance


ELA 470 Specifications:

  • Typical capacity ranges: 60÷160 m3/h (50÷120 t/h on wheat)
  • Steel buckets: type 2014.JA / 2016.JA (deep profile)
  • Belt:  antistatic, oil proof, breaking loading max. 400 N/mm
  • Self-standing structure up to 32 m. height
  • Max. power installed: 18.5 kW


Most common applications:

  • Small storage plants
  • Transporting cereal (usually wheat or corn)

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