Bucket Elevators

Our bucket elevators have been manufactured in compliance with the most up-to-date European design and construction regulations and systems, including preventing risk of dust explosion.


We have two series of bucket elevators:

  • Made of pre-galvanized plates, ELA Bucket Elevators are designed to transport standard working loads of agricultural crops in storage plants.
  • ETM Bucket Elevators are available in both hot-dip galvanized and epoxy coated finishes to transport intensive working loads.


Both ELA and ETM Bucket elevators conform to the following standards:

  • 2006/46/CE 
  • ATEX Directive 94/9/CE (Z=22)
Best suited for use in small storage plants, to transport cereals.
Used for the harvesting and re-delivery of crops in medium-sized storage plants.
Widely used in mills, malt-breweries, and feed mills to convey cereal, flours, and other by-products.
Vertical transport of granular or dusty products, constructed from carbon steel sheets.
Commonly used in medium-size storage plants with massive working cycles.
Best suited for the vertical transport of granular or dusty products in plants with massive working cycles.
Ideal usage in situations where high capacities are demanded and massive loading cycles are foreseen
Typically installed in large storage plants, port terminals and in plants for the production of bio-fuels
Particularly suitable for the high capacity conveyance of cereal and oil seeds in big storage plants with massive loading cycles

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