Alpha Series Color Sorter


Graphics Panel

  • 15 “Linux based user friendly Graphic user interface (GUI) with Online Support System.
  • Image capturing systems with 200 profiles storage that enables quick machine settings.


  • 16200 Pixels Multichromatic Cameras
  • Fast response Maglev ejectors with life of 10 Billion cycles
  • Impurity & Broken analysis with Online Sorting Preview
  • Reverse Sorting & Size Sorting
  • Optional 4 time sorting for better carry-over ratio
  • 15” Screen with Linux based Self Diagnosis System.
  • High Performance to Cost

Multi Chrome Cameras

  • Multichromatic 16200 Pixel High Speed cameras with excellent scanning rate.
  • Double Vision Scanning System to detect the slightest difference up to 0.01mm
  • Equipped for Reverse sorting, 4 time sorting & Size Sorting Methodology.


  • 6th Generation FPGA Processing with Auto Intelligent Digital Image Sorting Technology. Product scanning speed of 32500 lines/sec.
  • Auto calibration feature with Auto setting & Auto sorting control.
  • High Brightness Adjustable Cool white LED Lighting systems with life span of 50,000 Hrs.
  • Self – diagnosis and memorization of different scanned products.

Maglev Ejectors

  • Maglev technology Ejectors with fast response time of 0.8 milliseconds, 3.8 mm
  • Nozzle and a life time of 10 Billion Cycles. Upgraded with Quality ejector Feedback system that can monitor the ejections.


  • Anodized chutes having smooth surface to facilitate the even flow of the material.
  • Heating provision for chutes to avoid choking of material.

Technical Description

MILLTEC ALPHA SERIES  Color Sorter  Technical Description.jpg

*Capacity is Indicative and may vary wrt to grain quality & Density.
*Capacity for other than Non Rice Grains may also vary wrt to Grain Size & Density.

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