Farmobile™ PUC™ Device

At field level, AGI can assist you in participating in emerging sustainability and carbon capture markets through our Farmobile™ product.
AGI’s market leading solution, from field-to-bin, provides you protection, improved profits and peace of mind.
Using a cellular network, the Farmobile’s PUC™ streams data from the cab to the cloud and then organizes, standardizes and delivers agronomic and machine data for real-time viewing and record keeping.


Examples of data collected:  

  • Engine: engine speed, engine load, engine torque, fuel level, fuel rate, DEF level, oil pressure, engine temp, engine hours, machine swath, PTO 

  • Diagnostic: suspect parameter number (SPN), failure mode identifier (FMI) 

  • Agronomic (planting): average seeds per second (per row), average population, target population, downforce, seed spacing, average singulation, bin rates (air seeders), bin targets (air seeders) 

  • Agronomic (spray): applied spray rate, target rate, current pressure, tank level, spray sections on/off status 

  • Agronomic (harvest): crop, mass flow, used header width, moisture, wet yield (calculated), dry yield (calculated), grain temp, rotor speed, sieve opening, chaffer opening, concave opening 

  • Agronomic (spread): applied bin rates, target bin rates, spinner speed 

  • PUC™: latitude, longitude, altitude, time stamp, true course 

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