AGI’s STORM® FX2 provides a gentle seed and fertilizer handling solution for modern-day farming operations. Building on the success of previous models, the key functions of the STORM FX2 have been refined through consultation with our current users. The STORM FX2 has been engineered for accuracy, flexibility and mobility, gentle seed handling and easy clean-out, all while reducing user exposure.

Treating speed 900 to 1800 lbs/min (15 to 30 bu/min @ 60 lbs/bu)
Seed metering Manual lift-to-bin winch and cable actuated
Treatment metering Apply two separate liquid products at one time
Treatment calibration Manual treatment calibration with calibration cylinders having wipers, so users can see liquid levels
Mixing Hydraulically powered 41' x 10' mixer equipped with poly-cupped flighting
Mobility Equipped with clevis hitch
Power Need external power to operate
Electronic interface Touchscreen with software storage for programmed treatments
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