The UTX Auger brings together innovations like Wear Edge Technology™ to extend the life of the flighting and powder coat paint to protect against and repel rust.

AGI's UTX Auger features a completely enclosed driveline guard providing a cleaner, sleeker look while protecting your auger from the elements. Steel hydraulic lines with ORB fittings have been added to the new Self-Propelled Mover Kit to create a cleaner look while reducing the chance of leakage. We know farmers are looking for labor-saving, cost-effective upgrades to help make their work easier.

AGI recognizes these needs and has added features like a removable tow bar to make connecting and detaching from the hitch easier than ever and a hydraulic winch to raise and lower the auger with ease and precision. AGI has also added an easily adjustable chain tensioner to help maintain the consistent chain drive tension.

The top drive comes sealed with a durable cover and inside you’ll find grease-lubricated, forged steel sprockets and a heavy-duty chain, designed to match your auger’s capacity. For long, quiet operation, the driveshaft and bearings are constructed of durable oil-impregnated hardwood and can be easily replaced without disassembling the driveshaft.

To further improve performance, AGI uses square one-bolt flight connections providing positive torque transfer. All UTX models come standard with triple banded belts to better maintain speed by providing improved tension with less slippage. AGI’s UTX Truck Auger is a high performance, high capacity auger that’s ready to help make your job easier and faster.

Key Features
Trough gauge 12 GA
Trough connectors ¼" Flange
Main flighting 10" OD x 7 GA stretched + welded
Intake flighting 10" OD x 7 GA welded with Wear Edge TechnologyTM
Driveshaft 1 ½" OD x 10 GA tubing
Hub & Wheels 4 Bolt agricultural type hubs, 15" wheel
Gas horsepower 37 - 40
Capacity 7,000 - 9,000 BPH
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