LAYCOTE Batch Blending Systems


Laycote offers liquid impregnation add-ons for existing Batch Blender Systems.  Batch Blender Liquid Impregnation Systems are available for the Layco Tapered Vertical or Rotary Drum.

The Tapered Blender Impregnation Ring comes in 34 Stainless Steel and mounts through the top of the blender.

The Laycote Liquid Impregnation (Coating System) System features:

  • PLC control for accurate application and rates
  • 6 Gallon per minute Cast Iron Gear Pump
  • Multi location Spray Tips with plumbing for coating fertilizer

Layco Pro Automation

  • Yargus in-house technicians write software code to control systems
  • Ability to customize every system
  • Full integration/ Automation/ Reporting

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