Parboiling and Drying Equipment

AGI MILLTEC’s automated, continuous, parboiling and dryer system is one of the most proficient options to increase rice yield and meet the demands of modern millers.

This system is intended to parboil paddy, a process of partially cooking the paddy while ensuring that the grain husks remain intact. This process hardens the paddy and allows it to withstand the stress of milling activities, without losing nutritional value. Our parboilers and driers are constructed with stainless steel to maximize hygiene standards and processing. They are equipped with a hot air blower and a heat exchanger to ensure maximum efficiency in heat transfer during the parboiling process.

The process requires a special boiler, pre-cleaner, sufficient storage, soaking and parboiling system, fluidized bed dryer, a battery of column dryers with storage and conditioning bins.

The pre-cleaned paddy is soaked, cooked, and dried in stages to avoid brittleness and allows the gelatinization process to remain steady throughout.

AGI MILLTEC Parboiling and Dryer Features

  • A new concept of preheating paddy enhances water absorption and reduces soaking time
  • Complete stainless steel (SS 202) construction ensures hygiene and sustainability
  • Automatic controls for special discharge roller arrangement ensures top-down delivery
  • Customized designs to suit many varieties of paddy
  • Can be supplied along with boilers to avoid mismatch of steam requirement
  • The constant temperature of the water is maintained by re-circulating water at regular intervals during the soaking process
  • Maximum size soaking tanks are used to reduce space
  • A completely automatic cooking process by using online cooker ensures homogeneous cooking
  • Fluid bed drier guarantees the removal of residual water and reduces moisture by 5% before drying

Advantages of AGI MILLTEC Parboiling and Dryer

  • Higher total and head rice recovery
  • More nutritious
  • Salvaging defects in paddy
  • Increase in turn-over
  • Uniformity in parboiling
  • Drying time is reduced
  • No leachate loss during parboiling and soaking and saves steam
  • Uniformity in colour and more yield of rice
  • Guaranteed uniform gelatinization and minimum damage
  • Non-conventional parboiling and minimises dryer losses
  • Reduces wastage of steam during parboiling/cooking
  • Increased efficiency of the dryer
  • Dryer occupancy time is less ensuring higher productivity
  • Condensate water does not return to the system

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