Yield Management System


To increase miller profitability, AGI MILLTEC has introduced advanced "Online Yield Management Solutions" technology.

To reduce grain damage in real-time, AGI MILLTEC has:

Flow Balancer – Controls the throughput

Flow Measurer – Measures the output

We offer a flow balancer and measurer which enable our customers to identify fluctuations in throughput and improper equipment settings. Our flow balancers automatically discharge the amounts of various throughputs of grains per user requirement, and continuously measure the flow rate. The reports generated by the flow balancer display the actual flow rate, the total flow rate from the previous reset time along with other parameters on the screen.


  • Real-time yield measurement
  • The operator can check the yield online to take the necessary measures the reduce grain damage
  • Software generates reports on Daily/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly basis
  • Can be installed in existing mills

Process losses occur in paddy/rice milling due to

  • Fluctuations in the throughput (about 0.5% breakage) which results in a loss of 9.75 lacs on a 6T milling plant per annum
  • Improper machine setting resulting in 0.5% of head rice yield lost and another 9.75 lacs loss on a 6T milling plant annually

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