AGI Milltec Zeta Series Color Sorter


ZETA SERIES COLOR SORTER is a Premium color sorter with 1:50 Reject Ratio. These TOP performance  ZETA COLOR SORTERS  are equipped with 16200 pixel Nano HD Camera. With Product Scanning Speed of 35000 lines/sec, ZETA  color sorters are  Suitable for Rice & Non-Rice Applications.

ZETA SERIES COLOR SORTERERS are available in 4 Models

  • ZETA 360  - with 6 chutes
  • ZETA 480  - with 8 chutes 
  •  ZETA 600 - with 10 chutes
  •  ZETA 780 - with 13 chutes


  • 16200 pixel Nano HD Camera
  • Product Scanning Speed of 35000 lines/sec
  • Maglev Technology Ejectors  with life of 13 Billion Cycles.
  • Confocal Slow Motion Camera
  • Sniper System (Precise Spot Rejection)
  • PID Inlet Feeder Control System
  • Full Spectrum Lighting System
  • Remote Commissioning


  • For Enhanced Detection
  • Accurate & High Throughput
  • Minimal Wear With Life Time of 13 Billion Cycles
  • For Perfect Image Capturing and Top Performance
  • For Better Carryover Ratio
  • Uniform Flow in all chutes with Balanced Ejection
  • Enhanced Detection of Light Yellow
  • Contactless service - Physical Presence of Engineer is Not Required


  • 5400 Pixel RGB confocal HD camera with Nanoscale visible light ultra-clear colour sensor and low distortion HD lenses to Identify pinpoint, pale yellow, transparent glass and desiccant materials
  • Double vision scanning system to detect the slightest difference up to 0.01mm
  • RGB confocal slow motion camera to capture the defect more clear and better rejection ratio
  • Equipped for reverse sorting & size sorting methodology


  • 7th Generation FPGA Processing with auto Intelligent Digital Image Sorting Technology
  • Product scanning speed of 35000 lines/sec
  • Auto calibration feature with Auto setting & auto sorting control
  • Full spectrum adjustable cool LED Lighting systems with life span of 120,000 Hrs.
  • Self –diagnosis and memorization of different scanned products.
  • PID System for even control of feeder material


  • 15 “Linux based user friendly graphic user interface (GUI) with online support system
  • Image capturing systems with 200 profiles storage that enables quick machine settings
  • Sorter care APP to view current status & control the machine remotely
  • Machine sorting realistic Statistical Data will available in sorting care APP


  • Fast response time of 0.8 milliseconds Maglev Technology Ejectors with 3.8mm nozzles and a minimum life time of 13 billion cycle
  • Upgraded with Quality ejector feedback system that can monitor the ejections


  • Anodized chutes having smooth surface to facilitate the even flow of the material
  • Heating provision for chutes to avoid choking of material

Technical Specifications of ZETA SERIES COLOR SORTER

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