Rotary Sifter


AGI MILLTEC offers a high capacity Rotary Sifter which can segregate input rice into different categories. The machine is specifically designed and best suited for rice. This equipment enables our customers to sort rice grains into different categories, on the basis of size and quality. These are equipped with a wedge clamping mechanism to enhance the performance of the equipment, and a rotatory mechanism to increase the operating life of the equipment as well as facilitate the smooth functioning of its operations.


  • Wedge clamping mechanism for better sieve frame clamping & positive leak-proof which enhances performance
  • 117 Rpm, with 2 stage RPM reduction
  • Rugged design
  • Wooden sieve frame
  • The precision rotary mechanism for longer life and smooth running


  • Compact design
  • Dust-free, hygienic operation
  • Easy clean-out
  • High throughput capacity
  • Continuous operation

Technical Description

MILLTEC Rotary Sifter Technical Description.png

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