Rice Whitener


The AGI MILLTEC Rice Whitener incorporates advanced techniques to whiten brown rice. The product is subjected to abrasion in the whitening chamber between the sieves and grinding wheels to remove a thin layer of bran. To attain the desired whiteness the rice is subject to additional passes in the whiteners. It uses the vertical abrasive grinding wheel that follows the top to bottom working principle.

The rice is whitened very gently between grinding wheel & screen without changing the original shape of the rice kernel. It is construced with silicon carbide wheels to reduce the grain damage during the whitening process. A specially designed aspiration system removes the bran produced during the whitening process. 


  • Whiteners are designed for superior output of whitened rice with less percentage of broken
  • This machine can be used on all types of machines
  • These machines are available in wide range of capacities
  • Provides uniform whiteness on all the grains
  • Mounted with a differential type manometer for accurate control of chamber pressure
  • Capable of handling raw, steamed, and parboiled rice
  • Vertically mounted silicon carbide grinding wheels assures higher head rice yield and reduce broken yield
  • Differential manometer for precise control of chamber air pressure
  • Ensures uniform whiteness on all grains
  • Sturdy, rigid, and heavy duty construction lowers maintenance costs


  • Silicon carbide grinding wheels
  • Adjustable CNC punched sieves
  • Spring controlled whitening adjustment
  • Stainless steel discharge
  • Exhaust connection for bran suction
  • Available Range: 1.5TPH TO 12 TPH

MILLTEC Rice Whitener

Technical Description

MILLTEC Rice Whitener Technical Description_1200x500.png

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