Pre Cleaner


AGI MILLTEC's Pre Cleaner is designed to meet the pre-cleaning requirements for all types of grain processing. It removes foreign particles such as stones, immature grains, and other impurities from the input prior to processing the grain. It has metal and wooden sieves, as well as a scalperator drive for easy cleaning of grains and removing sticks and straws. It also has an in-built blower and aspiration system.

The AGI MILLTEC Pre Cleaner's fully welded construction, and rugged design, ensures durabilty. The inbuilt blower handles capacity from 2TPH to 12TPH. The inbuilt high-pressure blower for aspiration enables separation of immature grains and removes up to 75% of immature grains during the cleaning process.


  • Completely closed and dustproof construction
  • Fully welded construction
  • Metal sieve boat & wooden sieves frame
  • Rugged design, long lasting and low maintenance
  • Inbuilt blower for aspiration system
  • Fitted with Round Scalperator (Separate drive) to remove sticks & straws

Technical Description

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