Reversible Conveyor Accessory


Product can be conveyed bi-directionally without giving up the reloading feature of Hi Roller® enclosed belt conveyors. By incorporating a reloading valve on either end of the conveyor, returned product is reloaded back on to the conveyor belt. Without such a feature, product contamination could occur by allowing spilled product to discharge into incorrect spouting or storage.

Many of our reversible enclosed belt conveyors incorporate but are not limited to the following features:

  • Manual or electrically controlled reloading valves on either end of the conveyor. The electric option incorporates external limit switches
  • A troughing idler is incorporated in to the take-up box that provides continuous belt and product support as the conveyor belt is tensioned.
  • A discharge hopper with sliding cover on the take-up end is dust and weather tight
  • Manual or electrically controlled bi-directional inlets introduce material on to the belt in the direction of belt travel
  • The return belt plow positioned on either end of the conveyor (an important reloading feature), will divert product into the reloading vanes in one conveying direction but will not trap dust or product when the conveying direction is reversed
  • The reloading valve pivot is supported using independent stub shafts, bearings, and shear pins to prevent valve damage
  • Large removable access panel to allow for valve inspection or replacement

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