Proportioning Gate Accessory


Many types of gates can be incorporated into our conveyor inlets. This eliminates the need to coordinate sizing amongst multiple vendors. Along with the customization of our conveyor inlets, we will design, manufacture, and mount the gate directly to our conveyor inlet. Our inlet will capture any dust that may escape the underside of the gate and drop that dust on to the conveyor belt.

Available Features (Many of which come standard on all proportioning gates):

  • Roller supported gates utilize greaseable cam followers
  • Abrasion resistant slide plates (optional ceramic or other liners)
  • Can be controlled utilizing a linear electric actuator complete with DPDT limit switches and potentiometer
  • Can be operated utilizing a right angle gear motor and rack and pinion gear
  • Manually adjustable gates incorporate a hand wheel
  • Smaller cleanout slide gates are supported by UHMW lined angle iron side slides
  • Optional stainless steel control rod for external limit switches
  • Ladder gates incorporate multiple openings with matching back plates incorporated into an extended length conveyor inlet

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