Consignor® Automated, Enclosed Moveable Discharge Tripper Accessory


Conventional open type belt conveyors utilizing moveable trippers can be dirty as well as dangerous. Hi Roller® has developed a totally enclosed moveable tripper that can be remotely controlled. As the conveyor travels along the conveyor, a flexible cover allows it to pass under – providing a constant dust-tight seal.

Consignor® Features and Benefits:

  • The Consignor® moves via a variable speed electric winch.
  • Discharge gates & seals are incorporated into the design to assure clean and safe conveyor galleries.
  • An onboard generator and batteries provide power for the electric motors and electronics of the Consignor®.
  • Position is confirmed and verified by card readers
  • The dust tight enclosure nearly eliminates the need for housekeeping in enclosed galleries
  • The controls and bearings are isolated to the exterior of the housing – away from dust
  • The Consignor® is fully automated and can be integrated into the customer’s existing automation system.
  • It is also available with a stand-alone computer or totally manual system.
  • The onboard PLC is capable of monitoring bearing heat sensors, gate positioning, bin floor door openings and many other required functions. The onboard PLC communicates with the wall mounted hard wired PLC.
  • Consignment is verified in triplicate. First, the encoder determines the position of the movement of the Consignor® winch system. Second, the mechanical lock pivots into position. Third, the tag reader verifies the exact position and bin/silo number.
  • The encoder is automatically recalibrated each time the consignment position is verified.
  • Aspiration costs are minimized. A slight negative pressure is all that is required on the system. The conveyor trunking acts as the ductwork for the aspiration system.
  • Troubleshooting can be done remotely with a computer link.

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