Commercial Flat Bottom Silos


The AGI FRAME range of silos are suitable for all free-flowing cereals including wheat, maize, barley, rapeseed, soya beans, etc. according to ASAE/ANSI, DIN 1055 Part 6 and Eurocode design standards - taking into account the local wind, seismic, and snow load requirements.

With the wide range of FP silo models, from 3.64 up to 32.74 metres diameter, FRAME meets all customers’ needs for commercial silo applications.


  • Silos are manufactured with highly automated continuous ‘de-coiling’ process techniques, ensuring fast and accurate production.
  • The cylinder is constructed from galvanized corrugated steel sheets with profiled external galvanized vertical stiffeners.
  • The standard sidewalls are manufactured from 0.8mm to 4.5mm galvanized sheets and the stiffeners of the bin from 0.8mm to 6.00mm galvanized sheets. (Standard - 600 g/m2 steel with a tensile strength up to 470 N/mm2 and a yield stress up to 420 N/mm2). Where necessary, laminated sheets are used to meet the calculation requirements.
  • The profiled stiffeners carry the vertical load of the silo to the base; the stiffeners feature strong bolted splice joint plates with a large cross sectional area, critical elements in stiffener design.
  • All sidewall sheets are assembled with high strength grade 8.8 bolts - manufactured with a spun galvanized coating to guarantee against corrosion and stainless steel/rubber washers.
  • The use of ‘strip’ sealant for both horizontal vertical joints ensures a perfect seal between sidewall sheets & fixings.

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