Fuel Blending Management, Feed Handling, and Salt Conveying Fuel Blending Management, Feed Handling, and Salt Conveying


AGI Fertilizer Systems provides speciality solutions.

Fuel Blend Management 

AGI provides innovative bio blending management solutions that are easy to use and specially designed to reduce errors and provide pinpoint accuracy at your truck stop, bulk plant or off terminal site.

Feed Handling 

AGI Yargus Feed Handling systems are designed for a range of capacities. System components can include the required combination of Declining Weight Systems, Blenders, Mixers, Hoppers with or without Conditioners and Delumpers, Augers and Laycote Systems.

Salt Conveying

Custom engineered by AGI Fertilizer Systems to move more salt and faster, AGI Yargus Salt Conveyors are custom engineered tohandle dry bulk materials to meet the customer’s needs.

AGI Fertilizer Systems

AGI Fertilizer Systems designs, manufactures, installs, and maintains fertilizer handling equipment that can be scaled to fit your unique needs and requirements.
Automation, measurement and blending systems for the agriculture, fuel and aerial industries, as well as a developer of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and corporate solutions.
Custom blending and conveying equipment for industrial and fertilizer applications including declining weight systems, tapered vertical blenders, rotary drum blenders, towers, bucket elevators, and more.

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