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AGI remains the largest manufacturer of handling equipment globally. AGI manufactures efficient liquid fertilizer handling equipment for all aspects of the fertilizer use-cycle including receiving and blending to load-outs and dust-control.

Turn Key Solutions

Working on a new project can be a difficult task to handle by yourself. By allowing AGI to help facilitate and guide the project along from dirt work, electrical, building erection, and plumbing.

You minimize your risk of something falling through the cracks. We are here to help layout your facility and make it a seamless project from planning to running through the season.

  • One contractor through entire project
  • Seamless project management
  • Total project efficiency
  • Full plan and layout from conception to fruition

Command Center

The AGI Fertilizer Systems Command center operates all mechanical functions remotely with a fully automated, semi-automated, or manual over-ride interface. Products are legally monitored and recorded – based on weighed or metered systems. Allowing for peace of mind and repeatability during your busiest seasons.

  • Automatically formulate, blend and load your products
  • PC controlled automation
  • Complete record keeping and report visibility
  • Integrations with industry leading accounting ERP companies
  • Easily expanded to meet the need of your growing business
  • Plug and play cables for simple installation
  • Water resistant control boxes
  • Remote scale and meter readouts
  • Minimize employee exposure and risk
  • 24 hour load out

Direct Inject Systems

When working with multiple products in a blend, speed and efficiency is key. AGI’s direct inject system gives you the ability to blend multiple products at once. In the peak season, loading a truck in the minimum amount of time is a must. This gives you the ability to do that with the reassurance of correct blends through automation.

  • Blend multiple products at once
  • Fully automated to inject correct amounts of each product.
  • Different metering components depending on application

Re-Pack Station

With the precise nature of the AGI fertilizer Systems equipment you can count on accuracy and reliability. The re-pack system can batch large jobs of 1000 gallons in order to four - 250 gallon shuttles or it can dispense smaller amounts for the unique small shuttles. The Re-pack station always for flexibility while keeping records of all liquids that are dispensed while creating your paper work or send the needed information back to the accounting system/ERP.

  • Platform Scale
  • Touch Screen Capable
  • Loading Security
  • Bulk Tank Recirculation Capabilities
  • Complete Record keeping of all liquid dispensed


  • Multiple Chemical Ingredients
  • Auto Free Fall corrective learning
  • Multiple printing locations
  • Remote start/Pause
  • Tracking and Product History
  • Remote Access

Mass Meter

Sizes 1" – 2" – 3" – 4" – 6"

Calibration = Yearly calibration (Other meters require Monthly or Daily Calibration)

Run multiple products back to back - Example – One recipe for liquid fertilizer can be ran through a Mass meter from a manifold – 10-34-0 followed by Ammonium Thiosulfate and finished with UAN solution. All of these can be ran through one meter and are legal for Trade.

(NTEP approved in all States)

  • Accurate to within 0.10% on all products that are approved
  • Any Flowable Product can be handled
  • Fertilizers and Chemicals with suspended solids able to be handled successfully

Delivering unparalleled, Real-world performance and measurement stability and repeatability – time and time again.

Precision Weigh Tank

When you work with low volume, high-precision inputs, errors, and losses can be significant and expensive. Weighing is the only accurate way to measure and blend inputs. The Precision Weigh Tank, measures actuals, not targets. That means more accountability, more repeatability, more profitability, and considerably less shrink.

  • Blend up to 60 liquid ingredients with Automation (plus additional hand add Products)
  • Valve options 1/2", 1" , 1 ½"
  • Automated Hand Add Station with easy to read indicator and readout
  • 10 – 40 – 125 – 250 gallon capacity options
  • Automated 3-way recycle loadout valve
  • Jug Rinse station with foot actuated water rinse control
  • High Level Float for emergency shut-off
  • Rinse nozzle system (minimizes risk of cross contamination)
  • Air blow flush system
  • Comes pre-assembled with all plumbing and air lines ran

AGI Fertilizer Liquid Systems 

AGI Fertilizer Systems designs, manufactures, installs, and maintains fertilizer handling equipment that can be scaled to fit your unique needs and requirements.
Automation, measurement and blending systems for the agriculture, fuel and aerial industries, as well as a developer of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and corporate solutions.
Custom blending and conveying equipment for industrial and fertilizer applications including declining weight systems, tapered vertical blenders, rotary drum blenders, towers, bucket elevators, and more.

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