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AGI Fertilizer Systems specializes in bulk receiving fertilizer systems.  AGI's bulk receiving can be fitted for a variety of usages, systems, and facilities.  

No Limit to High-Tonnage Conveying Solutions by AGI Fertilizer

Complex conveying systems are designed for high-tonnage loading. System components can include the required combination of Yargus Bucket Elevator Legs, Overhead Conveyors, Transfer Conveyors, Shuttle Conveyors, Feed Hoppers with or without Conditioners and Delumpers, Tower Blend Systems and Tanks.

Industrial Systems

Custom Engineered Blend and Conveyor Systems for simple to complex, large-scale operations.

  • Bulk fertilizer, salt, sand and much more

Inland Terminal

Custom designed for quick unloading rail or barges.

  • Barge Hoppers with Conditioners or Delumpers available

Retail Facilities

Affordable Rail and Truck Receiving Systems for all of your blending needs.

  • Loadout Systems

River And Ocean Port Unloading Systems

Capable of unloading materials from ships to hopper systems to rail/truck load-out systems.

Chain Paddle Conveyor Systems Built by AGI Fertilizer

Moving bulk fertilizer, salt or any free-flowing material has never been easier than with the AGI Yargus Chain Paddle Conveyor. Designed to work where loading angles are too steep for a standard belt conveyor, the Yargus Chain Paddle Conveyor loads efficiently, is environmentally sound, and is easy to service and maintain. The solid construction and rugged materials built into the AGI Yargus Chain Paddle Conveyor assure years of dependable service. You can’t choose better than the reliability of AGI Yargus.

Configuration Options

  • Flat to Incline
  • Overhead


  • Easy access door and optional inspection doors available
  • Optional sensor available to detect a plugged downspout
  • Shaft mounted gearbox drive includes backstop as standard
  • Designed to load any style of cross conveyor, auger or bucket elevator leg

Safety Features

  • Circular port for viewing with protected cover in tail section
  • Speed sensor standard
  • Enclosed bolt together design for safety

AGI Fertilizer Systems

AGI Fertilizer Systems designs, manufactures, installs, and maintains fertilizer handling equipment that can be scaled to fit your unique needs and requirements.
Automation, measurement and blending systems for the agriculture, fuel and aerial industries, as well as a developer of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and corporate solutions.
Custom blending and conveying equipment for industrial and fertilizer applications including declining weight systems, tapered vertical blenders, rotary drum blenders, towers, bucket elevators, and more.

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