AGI Loyalty Rewards


Now through December 31, 2021, AGI portable handling customers can save on SureTrack BinManager and Farmobile. Whether you purchased AGI portable handling equipment last year or 10 years ago, this program is for YOU!

We understand not every farm business is the same. Because of that, we have three AGI SureTrack BinManager savings options for you to choose from based on your needs. As an added bonus, you can also save 50% off your first-year subscription with Farmobile. The Farmobile add-on is only available when bundled with one of the three AGI SureTrack BinManager savings options listed below. Simply select one of the three that best fits your operational status, reference this offer at your local AGI Dealer, or visit and click Find a Rep.


  1. Save 25% on BinManager + 50% off Farmobile (optional add-on)
  2. Free subscription for a year, a $1,700 value + 50% off Farmobile (optional add-on)
  3. No payment until December 1, 2022, + 50% off Farmobile (optional add-on)

Talk to your AGI portable handling dealer to find out more. Not sure who that is? Click here to find a dealer in your area.

Looking for more information on AGI SureTrack BinManager or Farmobile? Visit or

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BinManager® Use Cases

Safety First | PRICELESS

An Organic grower in Iowa, with over 650,000 bushels in storage at one time, is able to enhance value by storing his entire harvest throughout the year because of BinManager’s accuracy. This owner lost his son in a tragic grain bin engulfment accident. What matters most to him is safety. He can know what is happening in his bins without even touching the bottom of the ladder. This grower values SureTrack customer service approach. He says, “there is no one like the SureTrack customer service team. They take excellent care of my bins and always over communicate.”

Calm After the Storm | $750,000 Loss Prevention

A customer in Illinois started out with BinManager for two of his 150K bu. bins. The grower was out of town when a storm hit his farm. He was notified by the customer service team immediately.  A bolt of lightning struck one of his grain bins and killed the fan power. High moisture corn was being stored. He could see on the AGI SureTrack mobile app that the grains temperature reached 140°. The day after the storm hit, he returned home and began the trouble shooting process with the customer service team. A board within the system was fried and AGI SureTrack had a technician out within 24 hours. He was able to save the grain in the bin. The grower said,” “BinManager gave me the tools I needed to be successful, make money, and save my entire bin.” The customer expanded his farm tech by adding BinManager to every bin.  

Successful Soybeans | $16,000 Profit

BinManager successfully conditioned soybeans in a 100K bu. bin over a period of 60 days. On October 15 soybeans were put into a bin with a 2% variance. Within 60-days BinManager captured ambient air to direct moisture within 9/10th of a point which equated to about $16,000.00 worth of weight in soybeans. Cost was 466 fan run hours.  


Automatically collect, standardize, and share real-time agronomic and machine data from a mixed fleet of farm and ag retail equipment. Engineered for user-control and scalability, Farmobile is an industry leader in automatically capturing and organizing more data attributes from field and cab as farmers and ag retailers work. With 24/7 data access and exports, users can control, share, and stream data anywhere it needs to go including the AGI SureTrack platform and agriculture’s most-used systems and software.

Cellular LIVE Stream – The Farmobile PUCTM device streams LIVE data from equipment sensors to the cloud where it is converted into standardized, organized point-by-point data for seamless use

Automatic Data Capture and Organization – Farmobile is iron-neutral and captures more data attributes from field and cab than anyone else

Electronic Field Records – Create a digital acre to record every pass on a field (spray/spread, planting, harvest, tillage, and more)

Seamless Integration – Data can be moved anywhere it needs to go and can be integrated with other systems and software including the AGI SureTrack platform

View Multiple Machines in Use – Automatically collect, visualize, and share agronomic and machine data across a mixed fleet of agricultural equipment

  • Data control and ownership
  • Iron-neutral
  • Automatic, no-touch data collection
  • LIVE fleet monitoring
  • Fleet metrics and file transfer
  • Historic data views
  • 24/7 Data out (.csv, .pdf, GeoJSON, .shp files)
  • Machine utilization reports
  • Worked acre reports
  • Permissioned, on-demand sharing
  • Customized heat maps by attributes
  • Direct streaming into AGI SureTrack

What You get

Your subscription includes the Farmobile PUCTM device (data collection hardware that works across most makes and models of farm and ag retail equipment), a cellular data plan and modem, GPS antenna, harnessing and a Farmobile DataEngineSM account and dashboard, available from any mobile or smart device.

Terms & Conditions

  • Offer ends December 31, 2021
  • Offer open to AGI portable handling customers
  • Available in the USA only
  • AGI portable handling includes:
    • Westfield augers and Conveyors
    • Batco conveyors
    • Hutchinson portable augers and conveyors
    • AGI branded augers
    • AGI/REM GrainVacs
  • Cannot be combined with other offers
  • Offer is limited to one (1) of the three (3) options