Easy to use accessories to customize your operations.

Customize your AGI GrainVac to suit your specific operation or simply expand your capabilities. Options include dust collection, hoses, nozzles, and sweeps, and exhaust kits.
Westfield's lineup of options and accessories include transfer augers, power swings, spouts, hoppers and other accessory kits.
Available in AVR Side Bag Removal or ART Top Bag Removal models. Built for high pressure/vacuum operation. Designed specifically to handle your bulk materials.
AVS Bin Vents use pulse jet action to keep pneumatic systems running clean and in compliance with local air quality regulations. Filters product dust and debris captured in conveying air before venting.
Positive Displacement Blower Packages offer a full complement of safety features and both inlet and outlet silencers. Vacuum, pressure, and combination models are available.
Self-contained and ideal for adding minor ingredients like spices or vitamins to food products or colorants to plastics. Features a built-in fan, pulse jet cleaning, and cartridge filters for thorough dust removal.
Use where dry solids need to be moved between areas of differing air pressure. Models available for low and high differential air pressure systems, gravity feeds, and volumetric discharge devices.