Tools and automation systems to manage your operation.

Straightforward monitoring and management of your grain using your existing grain cable network. A cost-effective migration pathway towards a state-of-the-art digital cable network.
Four controllers from CMC include the EZS128, WS2-HM, WS1, and the WS2-GM. Ideal for small to medium-sized facilities where a standalone system and controller are needed.
Grain temperature monitoring and protection systems are available to provide early detection of problems before significant damage or product waste can occur.
CMC’s shaft rotation sensor is an application specific sensor, designed to measure the shaft speed of rotating machinery ideal for monitoring shaft speed on most types of industrial machinery.
Typically used to monitor bearings, gearboxes, fans, motors, and also for belt misalignment on conveyors. Available in a variety of mounting styles and lengths to suit many applications.
Improves the safety and efficiency of the flour milling process. Millguard Pro™ provides flour milling companies a cost-effective, digital solution to monitor various models of rollstands.
A state of the art, micro-machined silicon accelerometer combined with a high performance microcontroller provides two baseline values to monitor the overall condition of your equipment.
Every gate positioner manufactured by CMC features automatic calibration, exceptional accuracy and a high level of configurability ensuring seamless integration, usability, and customization.
Measure actuals rather than targets so you’re in control of your inventory. Reduce shrinkage and increase profits at your facility. No guesswork. Be confident in the accuracy of your loads and records.
Accurately measures liquids by weight, compensating for changing product density and producing the most accurate weigh. Convert dry flowables into liquid premix to blend with water or liquid fertilizer.
Optimize your liquid mixplant with one of Junge’s liquid automation solutions: Microautomation, Retrofit liquid blender, Metered liquids, Automated micros
Control your measurements down to a tenth of a pound with Junge Control’s Micro Way. Weigh small units with complete confidence and full integration into your database system.