A Message from Tim Close

Good Afternoon!

One of my personal passions is cycling. I wanted to share with you a concept from cycling that is very relevant to our business. It’s called a “peloton”. In cycling speak, a “peloton” is what a team of cyclists are called when they ride together. Often in large groups, these cyclists work together – as a team — to move from one place to another.

Riding in a peloton, most importantly, will save energy, reduce drag, and improve efficiency; often between 30-60%. Riding in a peloton is complex, with many moving parts, changing conditions, and safety concerns so communication and collaboration are critical. The energy savings and required communication create highly cooperative and very competitive teams that achieve outstanding results that far exceed what a single rider could accomplish. When you ride in a peloton you ride together, you ride smarter and you ride more successfully.

Think about the times you’ve seen this. Whether it was groups of cyclists together on the weekend or at major competitions. These women and men ride together as a team and they share the load and work together as a team taking turns at the front of the pack to both set the pace and protect others behind them from the wind. Riders in pelotons communicate effectively and proactively. They signal debris and share information with each other. They help the whole group race smarter and they communicate with each other about what’s happening inside and outside the peloton. Riders in pelotons, especially when they face difficult challenges like steep gradients, strong side winds or other tough weather conditions are quick to recognize the efforts needed or encourage each other to keep their efforts going. This encouragement and recognition forms the culture within a peloton. 

For us at AGI, we can learn a lot from pelotons. We can, together, work more collaboratively; we can share the load and help each other succeed; and we can make smart teamwork a key part of our culture. If we work like we are in a peloton, we will find our own 30-60% efficiencies and achieve even better business results for the AGI team. I challenge you to find ways to create a peloton effect within the work groups you are part of.

In the weeks ahead you will be receiving a small gift for every employee to wear. Its purpose is to remind us that we are all part of the AGI Peloton. When we work together, we all win.

Thank you for all your hard work and contribution. Let’s keep in mind how we can be even more successful by using the lessons of the peloton.


Tim Close
President & CEO