Each day we are driven by our guiding principles of integrity and innovation to create meaningful solutions that deliver value and profit back to the producer.

Smart Storage

AGI SureTrack™ BinManager is the cornerstone of a system that integrates hardware, software and IoT sensors in order to constantly watch and manage moisture level and temperature changes inside your bins.

Find out how AGI SureTrack can help your customers today!

The BinManagers™ paid for themselves the first year they were installed.

Brad Berk, AGI SureTrack™ customer

Here to Help, even Virtually

We know it's not easy to meet with your customers right now, so we made sure you can still connect with them in a digital environment.

Being able to understand your customer’s viewpoint at every stage of the journey, showing them you know them -- their needs, feelings, and motivations -- and supporting them with the information, features, and service they need at every step helps create a meaningful and trusting relationship.

We Have You Covered

Our award-winning Dealer Support platform is available for all who work with AGI. Helpful tools, warranty claims and important documents, all in one place!
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Collaboration is Key

Promoting your business can be tough, and at times can cost quite a bit. AGI has a devoted service called Dealer Success that gets you in touch with an ag-marketing specialist, templated promotional assets and promotional dollars, all built to help you and your business succeed.
Want to learn more? marketing@aggrowth.com

Today, as a growing international agricultural solutions company, we maintain the strong roots of our world-leading product lines while at the same time expanding into large-scale agriculture services and solutions.

And at the core of our business, now as always, are people.

Locally grown. Internationally known.

Even though we are known worldwide, we manufacture our farm products locally, in North America. Our distribution centers are across the United States and Canada, and customer experience teams answer the call from locations like Boone, Iowa and Grand Island, Nebraska.

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Westeel was our brand of choice when looking for a bin manufacturer to partner with. They've been around for over 100 years and are the most recognized bin on the prairies.

New AGI Dealer - Rick Baldwin, 4 Pecks Grain Storage and Handling


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