AGI Provides Complete Temporary Storage Systems

AGI is proud to say we have developed a top of the line temporary storage system for grain handlers around the world. Through research and development, including a series of strategic acquisitions, AGI is now able to provide end-users with both temporary storage and the handling and monitoring equipment to complete their system.

AGI Union Iron systems require limited capital investment: as low as $.09 per bushel. Temp-Stor installs quickly, in a manner of days, making it the ideal solution for urgent need. In addition to quick install, the flexible construction allows the system to install in almost any climate or terrain. Making it’s use popular in both North and South America.

AGI partners with its customers to engineer market specific systems that are customized to fit each client’s individual needs. Whether you require:

  • AGI Union Iron Temp-Stor
  • AGI Batco or AGI Westfield portable fill systems
  • AGI Suretrack PileManager's automated fan monitoring and controls

AGI can provide a complete temporary storage solution for you!

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