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We are experiencing a new wave of safety concerns in grain terminals, feed and flour mills and bulk commodity facilities around the world. With new policies, procedures and protective wear being implemented, one thing is clear: the safety of our people is the top priority.

AGI CMC has focused on safety with their founding mission back in 1997 to protect human life and property. With over 500 explosions at grain handling facilities throughout the United States in the last 30 years, the safety of your people involved in grain handling and storage should always be top of mind.


With over 20 years of experience, AGI CMC has always given top priority to the safety of the end user, developing systems built around advanced technology to be easily utilized and cost effective for your facility. Two years ago, CMC was acquired by AGI, a leading manufacturer of seed, fertilizer, grain, feed and food handling, storage, and conditioning equipment. With manufacturing facilities in Canada, USA, Italy, Brazil and India, AGI connects its divisions and products to deliver a world-class solution to grain, feed, and milling facilities around the world.

AGI CMC partners with integrators and facility managers to provide an operation-wide digital monitoring system for all sizes of facilities, from small country elevators to major export terminals. They not only provide industry-leading hazard monitoring and grain management systems, but also site audits, inspections, and training as part of their unique RoadMap To HazMon Safety™ program.


AGI CMC’s Intrinsically Safe (IS) sensor network is a key differentiating design feature that enables the safe operation of electrical equipment in hazardous areas by ensuring that the available electrical and thermal energy in the system is always low enough such that ignition of the hazardous atmosphere cannot occur. A major benefit of the IS network is that plant level operatives can perform basic maintenance on the system without the need for specialized skills or tools, which in turn greatly reduces the cost of ownership of the CMC monitoring solution.   

The CMC network seamlessly integrates with your material handling equipment such as bucket elevators and conveyors. It monitors bearing temperature, belt misalignment, and shaft speed, sending live updates to your control center. The EZS128 is a stand-alone controller option for small to medium facilities and the WS2-HM is the ideal solution to integrate into existing plant automation, allowing up to 256 sensors to be monitored throughout your facility with a single ethernet cable connection. These EZSentinel controllers are fully compatible with virtually any machine found in a grain, feed or milling facility. Intuitive operator interfaces provide a stream of real-time information and fault-condition alarms. Machine controls and interlocking are all fully programmable.

The expandable system also offers wireless capabilities for when the application demands it on machinery such as mobile trippers and ship loading conveyors.

AGI CMC monitoring solutions not only protect people and property, they protect process efficiency and profits. With the ability to monitor operational performance at a component level, control centers receive early notice of imminent failures that can shut down vital machinery at critical times. CMC solutions enable a practical system for predictive maintenance, allowing component servicing or replacement during scheduled downtimes or servicing intervals.


At a grain facility in the state of Indiana, AGI installed Union Iron bucket elevators and Hi Roller enclosed belt conveyors, all fitted with CMC’s IS digital sensors as part of the site’s hazard monitoring network. The facility had over 200 sensors throughout the facility ranging from bearing temperature and belt misalignment to shaft speed slowdown. Grain elevators are special places and most hazard monitoring equipment is installed in classified areas rated as Class II, Group G and Division 1, an area where dust is present during operations or Division 2, an area where dust is intermittently present during operation. The ever-present grain dust in combination with a hot bearing or a misaligned belt can very quickly create a dangerous situation.  

AGI CMC’s complete line of sensors can monitor bearing temperature, belt misalignment, shaft speed, and plugged chute on your equipment. CMC bearing sensors mount directly onto the bearing and sense grease temperature for early warning of a hot bearing. The brass rub sensors track alignment anomalies on both the belt and pulley to provide early warning of an impending belt tracking issue. The shaft speed sensors mount directly on to the tail, or non-driven pulley, and these easily mounted sensors alert the operator by providing an alarm and equipment shutdown based upon the normal operating speed of the machine. The plug chute detection diaphragm switch alerts you immediately when a chute is plugged, which allows for machinery shutdown to prevent a dangerous situation.

This complete package of hazard monitoring sensors was installed on the Hi Roller enclosed belt conveyors and the Union Iron bucket elevator.

Installation is only the first of several important steps towards creating a safe grain or milling facility. Producers and operators should inspect their sensors and machinery on a regular maintenance schedule. As part of its RoadMap to HazMon Safety program, AGI CMC offers site safety assessments and inspections along with commissioning, annual validation, and testing of your CMC hazard monitoring system and sensors. CMC also offers training for the installer and end user to ensure a thorough understanding of the utility offered by their hazard monitoring systems.

AGI CMC understands the importance of safety, and through their grain storage, handling, controls and sensors they put that knowledge and experience into the hands of farmers, producers and operators. From massive multi-million-dollar port terminals, to smaller grain cooperatives and inland terminals, AGI CMC’s range of sensors and controls are compatible with your grain and milling equipment, protecting your most valuable assets: your people.

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